16 failed login attempts (4 lockout(s)) from IP
Last user attempted: nursen
IP was blocked for 24 saat

This notification was sent automatically via Limit Login Attempts Reloaded Plugin.
This is installed on your atvpazari.com WordPress site. Please login to your WordPress dashboard to view more info.

Experiencing frequent attacks or degraded performance? Try our advanced protection. Have Questions? Visit our help section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Failed Login Attempt?
A failed login attempt is when an IP address uses incorrect credentials to login to your website.
The IP address could be a human operator, or a program designed to guess your password.

Why Am I Getting This Email?
You are receiving this email because there was a failed login attempt on your website atvpazari.com.
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How Dangerous Is This Failed Login Attempt?
Unfortunately, we cannot determine how dangerous this failed login attempt is.
You will receive protection from the free version of the plugin, but depending on how frequent the attacks are,
you may experience performance issues. In the plugin dashboard, you can investigate the severity of the failed login
attempts and take additional steps to protect your website. You can visit the Limit Login Attempts Reloaded website
for more information on our premium services.

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